Baby Bump

Its taken me 8 months of being pregnant to love my body & even then I find imperfections. Up until now I would throw clothes around, yell cause I couldnt find anything that fit & was just uncomfortable in anything I was wearing. My husband had to constantly remind me that Im pregnant. Little does he realize that we give up our bodies when we become pregnant and have to learn to love ourselves again. Ive hated being infront of the camera, which is pretty odd since being behind the camera is how I make a living.

My face is full, my hips are bigger, my belly isnt mine to control BUT I love every kick I feel, every roll thats heavier than the next & the constant hiccups.

I wouldnt change anything about this journey, I had to learn to love the body that I have now & as much as Im probably going to miss being pregnant, Im so ready for the next phase of motherhood. Baby, daddy, Gigi & I are so ready to meet you. šŸ’›