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With holiday approaching there are so many great deals out there that you just want to snag up every one of them! Thankfully there are also sales almost daily, which helps out a lot when you’re on a budget! If you know my hubby & I, you’ll know that we’re HUGE coffee addicts and when people send you free coffee it makes the world that much better! We have a collection of coffee mugs as well as an excessive amount of coffee. But it’s okay, we drink it all! I didn’t like any type of coffee for the first 7 months of my pregnancy, I had to water down my decaf! It was pure torture! FINALLY, have my love for coffee again and once this baby pops, I’ll be drinking it again all the time.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday we went to the mall almost daily to try and walk this baby out, it helped but baby is still cooking. It was dangerous walking around at the mall during the holidays, I finally had to say no more mall! We ventured into Charming Charlie and they were giving away some awesome swag bags! I love a good swag bag with goodies that can actually be used!

My hubby also has an obsession with ugly Christmas sweaters. I just have an obsession with sweaters. I tend to wear his when he’s out of town, shh don’t tell him. I bought him some funky sweaters at Target and they are definitely Moe. I can’t wait for it to get a tad bit colder so he can wear them. I will definitely share him rocking them.

List of products below.

Coffee cup: Starbucks

Scarf: Charming Charlie

Bag, luggage tag & notebook: Charming Charlie, swag bag

Sweaters: Target

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