Working with baby

My husband and I both work from home, which allows us to be with each other and our little one constantly. That can be a good thing and bad thing. One- cause we’re always playing with him and never get any work done. Two- he doesn’t want to entertain himself or nap, wants to be held constantly and doesn’t let us get any work done. Hence, the reason I haven’t been able to write a post for you all. Baby is sleeping right now, so Im taking full advantage of writing several posts for you.

It’s not all bad, yes there are some days that are more trying that others but those days are the days that I get to step back and just enjoy every moment with my little one. He’s such an easy baby that he can just sit on my lap and let me work. I have yet to strap him to me and go on a shoot for a client, definitley take advantage of all the wonderful baby sitters that we have around us.

You will have days where you get absolutely nothing done. Ive had so many of those days recently, one because we just moved into our new place and it took me a few days to set everything up and two because I have a child. Mom life takes over when you feel like you have a million things to do. Establishing a good routine will definitely help when it comes to working. We have little one on a schedule and it has saved me a lot of time in the sense that I have certain hours of the day that I can do things while he’s playing or napping.

If you’re a new mom like I am and are having trouble getting anything done, just be patient it’ll get there. Best time to do anything is when baby is entertaining themselves with toys or napping. If you’re like me when baby is fussy and just wants to be in your arms, you learn to do a lot of things one-handed. Still mastering the art of cooking one-handed but hopefully it won’t get that bad.

Ill continue to share my tips and tricks with you all as I somewhat master them along the way.