The making of the baby room

The first couple of months of little one’s life we were staying with my parents, due to us being in-between homes. (long story for another time). We recently moved into our own place and all I wanted to do was get little one’s room ready. I knew exactly where I wanted certain things but didn’t have a theme that I was going with. Im not much of a theme person, I just love designing spaces. We had his crib with us so I knew I wanted the rest of the furniture to match. While we were staying with my parents I was using a dresser that not only belonged to them but to my great-grandparents as well. Pretty much all of our bedroom furniture is antique. I thank my great-grandparents for willing me all of their beautiful pieces. Needless to say I was stuck when we were going to move. I searched every where for a dresser that would match Qais’s crib and fit in his room. My mom told me, just to take the dresser I already had his stuff in and use that. I hesitantly asked her if I could paint it, she said I could do whatever I wanted to it.

Of course I got super excited because I love doing stuff like this! Moe was hesitant at first but I finally told him to trust me and that he wasn’t going to be disappointed in the end. I worked on the dresser for 3 days, it turned out beautifully.

At this moment, Qais’s room is about 99% complete. Once we get the rest of the stuff on the walls, I will be sharing every little detail about his room. It turned out better than I could imagine.