Columbus with Family

This past weekend we traveled to Columbus, Ohio to celebrate my beautiful cousin’s engagement. The last time our entire family was together was, gosh who knows. Everyone was in town for my wedding but that was over a year ago. It’s so wonderful being with family, especially when the majority of the cousins are together & can just be complete goofs. When we were all together all I could remember was being in our grandparents den playing baseball with someones socks and sitting around singing 90’s top hits. We also used to sit on opposite sides of the streets and yell at each other which college football team we liked more- Longhorns or Aggies, I was clearly a Longhorn. I think we are in need of a redo.

Here are a few photos from our trip.

Waiting for the plane…

It was little one’s first trip & he did so well! He’s already a world class traveler! Oh yeah & this is my little one, baby Qais. 😉

Safety first!

My aunt is such an amazing cook! Wish I could have food like this every day!

Card games & lots of laughs in my aunt’s kitchen

My little Sheikh el 3arab!

The 4 oldest girls in the family, all married. Wish our grandparents were here to celebrate with us & to meet all of our husbands.

At my cousin’s engagement party

When you party too hard and wake up halfway out of your bassinet.

Just a few of the cousins, love every one of them to pieces.

All of my nieces & nephews.

We were exhausted and airport naps are mandatory when waiting for your next flight.

Such a wonderful weekend with family. I cannot wait for the wedding in North Carolina! xo