Palestinian Festival 2016

For the past 6 years Houston has put on one of the best festivals in town! The Palestinian Festival brings people from all over the city and from San Antonio, Austin, Dallas & probably Louisiana too. Its a weekend where we all come together and enjoy everything about our culture. The festival has tons of vendors from food to clothes to jewelry and art, I always love walking around and seeing all of the different vendors and running into people that I haven’t seen in a while.

On Saturday, the festival there were over 3000 people that attended the festival at one time. It is so amazing to see this festival grow every year and to see the younger crowd taking such a huge interest in it. I love seeing everyone come together and being immersed in our culture for an entire weekend. It definitely shows our strength in numbers.

Every year a fashion show is put on to show the various styles of clothing in Palestine and then it turns into a mock wedding and the entire crowd gets invovled. Its such a sight to see.

My adorable nieces & nephew.

My uncle owns Sleek Chocolate and lets just say, I often crave these delicious chocolate crepes. So so good! If you’re in town and STILL haven’t tried them out- you’re missing out.

Best falafeel sandwiches in town!


And just like that another weekend flew by. Until next year.