Making over an antique dresser

So when we moved I was in need of a dresser for the baby’s room. I had registered for one but never received it. I searched all over the place but couldn’t find anything that I liked or that matched the baby’s crib. I wanted something with an antique look to it. Thankfully over the years we have inherited all antique furniture. My great-grandparents not only had exquisite taste but they also passed down their furniture to us. My bedroom furniture is over 60 years old & in perfect condition! This dresser is probably just as old, if not older. My brother & I used it in our bedroom growing up, he used it when we moved in the house my parents is in now and now my son is using it for his bedroom. Talk about family heirlooms.

First step, remove all of the handles & anything else that you don’t want to have painted.

Sand it down all the way! Im talking about all the way! It took me a couple of days to get it fully sanded with a couple of hours each day working on it. I changed up the wood a bit but gotta give it my own touch!

Get her naked! She’s not fully sanded her but oh she was & it was a big mess! But it all paid off.

Pick a color that you love, give it two coats of even paint. Add back all of the hardware and anything else you removed. Have your husband haul it upstairs & ta-da!!! I love the way this beauty turned out & the way it looks in his room. Such a perfect touch!