my everyday skincare routine

I was asked to blog about my skincare routine and how I keep my face so fresh. Honestly, I don’t do much and keep everything as simple as possible. I drink 6-8 (sometimes more) bottles of water a day, thats always a biggie when it comes to skin care-hydrate! I do drink a lot of coffee too so there are some days that my skin isn’t as vibrant as others.

Every morning, I wash my face with Clean & Clear morning burst and at night I use their night scrub. I make sure to wash any makeup off every night regardless of how tired I am. Im blessed to be able to work from home so most days I don’t wear makeup which saves my face a lot.

About three times a week, I clean my face with Simple astringent. It makes my face feel super fresh!

Its as simple as that, there’s not much to my skincare routine- just the basics.