Our favorite baby products

Believe it or not, our child is stubborn & he has toys that he loves and toys that he could care less about. Yes he’s only 4 months old- but he’s 4 months old with a huge personality. Right before sitting down to write this post I fought with him to put him down for his nap that should have been taken at noon, it is currently a little before 4. Its been one of those days. High five to all the mama’s out there that go through this more than one day a week!

All of the products listed below are definitely our daily go-to products and some I have just fallen in love with!


Our favorite diapers thus far have been Parasol diapers. I love the feel of, durability for those blowouts & how comfortable they are for my baby. I found them on instagram and completely forgot that I had signed up to be notified when they went live. Got an email from them just after baby was born, ordered their sample diapers for only $7! LOVED THEM! We had tried all types of diapers, Pampers, Honest, Huggies & Babygaincs. While I liked all of them, some diapers were dry, some were uncomfortable for baby, some were small and some weren’t what I was poking for in a diaper. I have fallen in love with these diapers & I think everyone should test them out! I do have a $20 coupon for them if anyone is interested!!


Our stroller was an investment. It was the best investment I think we’ve ever made. We researched so many strollers and I initially wanted the Bugaboo stroller. I just wanted to play with them first so I knew exactly what I was getting. Thankfully Buy Buy Baby is an amazing store and have so many strollers to test! We tested both the Orbit Baby & Bugaboo, needless to say the Orbit Baby won us over. It is so convenient and easy to use. I always told Moe, I need a stroller that’s Layla proof. Im always on the go and I needed something that was a quick fold up & out and easy enough to put in the car. We even have the bassinet for it! Which is amazing when we are out at events all day & Qais needs to take a nap. He falls right asleep in it.

Qais’s favorite toys!

We have started teething over here and well all of our toys need to be entertaining as well as something this kid can put in his mouth. Of course we have a Sophie, this is a recent love of his. We also have the Elephant (Im tempted to buy the Monkey & Lamb just to have the entire collection).

Our favorite activity center is the Oribel Porta Play. This thing is amazing! It folds & I take it everywhere! We also love our Grip & Play, it grips to the counter and is great for when Im cooking and need something to distract him for a few minutes. He also picked out the linking toys, textured balls & the flexiloop toy. He is obsessed with all of them, a few of each are always in my bag and always at the ready when he wants to play.

We were gifted the Uncle Goose Arabic Blocks. We have started showing him the blocks and playing with them. I know its going to take him a bit to start learning all of that but it’s never too early to start!

Almost everything in this post can be found at Buy Buy Baby.