a day in our life

I know its been a while since I have shared our life with you all but let’s just say life has been crazy busy! We have been all over the place lately and it just never seems to end. There are days when we’ve got it all together and there are days where nothing seems to go right. But we’re here learning, exploring & growing every day. There is so much we want to share and hopefully will soon! I promise to get on top of my blogging and share what this blog is supposed to be about.

This post is a little different, I am sharing what happens in our home on a day to day basis. I grabbed my camera and follow Qais around all day, much less he followed me around all day. He is in the clingy stage where nap time is truly the only time anything gets done around here, unless he’s super immersed in his toys-other than that he’s crawling around following me all over the house. Which I love because he’s exploring and not afraid to find things on his own, his new favorite place is the laundry room. Don’t know if it’s because it’s right next to my office or if he just likes watching the dryer turn. We haven’t quite figured it out yet.

When we get up in the mornings we are greater with lots of spit bubbles & sounds and slaps on the face-saying to get up. Its cute the first couple of times, we’ll see how much longer it’ll last before someone will be transferred to his crib in the mornings!

Our day is pretty generic, wake up, brush our teeth, make a mess while eating breakfast…

I didn’t make a mess mom!!! (every day people, every day. Im surprised his clothes aren’t all orange)

Morning baths are our favorite. (little story, this morning Moe told Qais it was time to take a bath and walked off calling for him. I was washing dishes and watched him crawl off towards Moe. We both thought he was following him. The house was quiet and I thought, mmh that’s odd I can usually hear them. Called for Qais-looked in the living room, nope wasn’t there. Asked Moe if he had him, nope. Kinda freaked out a bit. Walked towards the guest bathroom and Qais’s room, peeked into the bathroom thinking maybe…yep, Qais was at the tub standing waiting for someone to turn the water on for bath time. Let’s just say he knew where to go-we just didn’t follow to the right room.)

Then there’s helping mommy with our daily chores & house cleaning.

Always at my feet, always.

nap time is my favorite-especially when its 2 hours long.

Post nap FaceTime calls with baba, Sitilita (grandma) & who ever else answers their phone.

Playtime, lots & lots of playtime

Off to lunch!

Mom, can we feed Gigi too??

And then our day gets busy, we run errands, play some more around the house. Take another nap, keep ourselves busy until evening bath time followed by bedtime. Phew! 7 month olds are tough!

sweet, bedtime.

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