9 months

Everyone tells you what to expect while you’re pregnant, during birth and the first couple of months your new life as a mom but that’s it. No one tells you what to expect at doctors appointments, when your child throws up without reason, why your kid doesn’t want to sleep in his own bed and so on. Well Im here to share our experience with you on what happens at 9 month doctors appointments.

We all freak out the first time our kid get a shot and do everything the doctor tells us. Our kids get poked every few months the first couple of years of their life, which Im not complaining but sometimes it hurts us more than it hurts them.

Today, we went to our 9 month doctors appointment- everyone kept saying oh no another round of shots. I ensured everyone that no we were just getting blood work and they were just going to stick his foot. (This is completely normal at this stage, they are just doing routine checks.) Boy was I wrong. I thought it would be the same as the first couple of times kids get stuck with needles. We had our normal doctors appointment and then they sent us upstairs where they do all of the blood work for all of the patients. Personally, anytime I get my blood drawn I pass out and they have to lay me down. Im one of those people.

We walk into the area where they send all of the patients. Qais, being the wiggle worm that he is, was done and ready to play. We tried to keep him entertained and comfortable until we were done. I started to get nervous and my husband being one-handed at the moment (story for another time, someone needs to learn how to use power tools), wasn’t able to help hold him. We sat down in THE CHAIR and waited for them to get situated. They decided to take their sweet time have unnecessary conversations. I started to tell Moe that they needed to hurry up because I was freaking out.

I told them that my kid was strong and he was going to fight, they said no it’s okay we got this just hold him. I put the arm rest in front of us, I was sitting in the chair holding Qais in my arms. Moe came and stood on my right side and TWO nurses came over to take the blood. They quickly found out how strong he was. He pulled his arm away so fast when they wrapped the band around his arm to find the vein. Once they found his vein, arm straight and needle in. I held onto my baby as tight as I could as he screamed and cried. Tears rolled down both of our faces and Moe just held both of us. Thankfully they filled up the bottles quickly and bandaged him up. Gave him a bottle and he fell asleep in the car on the way home.

It was the worst 5 minutes of my life. Knowing the pain that he felt when that needle went in and knowing that there was nothing you could do until it was over. You can opt to wait to do this until your little is 12 months which I almost did once we were in the chair, but I just said no let’s just get it out of the way. Thankfully, we have one tough kid and he is up and playing all over the house like nothing.

9 month pictures of our little one coming soon!

Best of luck to all the mamas that have this appointment coming up.