Trip to LA

LA, what can I say you impressed me more than I expected. When I first wen to LA in August I wasn’t really impressed and to be honest didn’t care for it very much. This last time was different. I enjoyed every bit of my stay and all of the people that I met.

There’s so much to do & so much to see that if you’re going be sure you get up early and enjoy every inch of the city. That’s what I did and it was worth every minute.

I stayed in the cutest Airbnb in the Griffith Park area. One great thing about it was that I felt like a local the entire time I was there because I was staying here rather than in a hotel, which is always a plus.

Great places to eat: Cafe Vida, Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles & Urth Cafe- so hungry now!

Walt Disney Concert Hall. I could do a post just on this beauty. Its that beautiful!


I love markets, flower & food. They are always so great to spend a few hours on a Saturday and watch the crowd move through it.

Sunset on Sunset is so perfect.

Thank you Walt Disney for always sharing your magic.

Newport Beach has the most magical sunsets. Just be sure to plug your nose if you’re sensitive to certain smells.

These colors are real, I promise!

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xo, layla