NYC Part 1

What can I say, I leave a piece of my heart in New York every time I leave & this last time was no different. I loved exploring new parts of the city and adding new favorite places to my list. I loved the fact that even though this trip was a business trip, I got to enjoy it with my mama & my little one. We skipped all of the touristy items that we have already done but didn’t knock the ones that we haven’t. This will be a 2 part blog, as we did a lot in the city in a short amount of time.

Okay let’s start off with the first couple of days. One, there’s so much to do & to see in the city that I think if you lived there you wouldn’t be able to see it all in a lifetime. I still have places that need to be crossed off but hopefully that’ll happen with my two trips coming up in 2017! (I’m trying to figure out how to move us there, anyone hiring??, kidding-maybe..)

The first couple of days were perfect! Weather, no crowds, well behaved baby & all!

Day 1: Oculus & World Trade Center. Both so beautiful. You could spend an entire day here just looking at everything and looking at all of the various pieces of history that are now there.

Day 2: Take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, walk down to DUMBO & take a picture in from of probably one of the most Instagramed spots in New York. Eat in Brooklyn-Yes eat in Brooklyn! Lizzmonade, Ignaziones, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Best view of Lady Liberty on a Water Taxi, probably one of the best touristy things we have ever done. Jane’s Carousel and any green area for kids to play. I was obsessed with all of the parks there and so was Qais.

To be continued…