Rising Tide Society Leader

Im sure that you have seen me use the following hashtags lately: #communityovercompetition, #risingtidesociety, #tuesdaystogether #makewaves.

You’re probably wondering what in the world is she talking about?? What is Rising Tide Society? What is this Tuesday’s Together??

Rising Tide Society was created by 4 creative visionaries. They had a vision that creative entrepreneurs needed more. That we needed to get out from behind our computers and come together and not only get to know one another on a different level but get to work with one another and be apart of something greater. I spent last week in San Francisco learning all about Rising Tide Society from a leader standpoint. I have been a member for over a year and have loved getting to know every one in our local chapter. Anyone who will listen to me I will yack their ear off talking to them about it. The leader of our Houston chapter put out a call to have some people help her manage the group because if you don’t know Houston has one of the largest creative markets and it just keeps growing. We are finally changing from a strictly “oil & gas” city to a much more diverse city. Just look at all of our art & culture happening around us, it is amazing to see our city grow so much.

When Meredith put out the call I jumped right on it to help her lead our main group. She said no. She said no, I think you would be more amazing leading YOUR OWN group. Woah! Seriously?? I never would have thought I could be given an opportunity like this. Growing up we always knew I was a natural born leader, my family still jokes about it to this day how I used to sit everyone down in the garage and be the “teacher”. Never once in my school career did I want to go into education.

I accepted the position and took it on with so much pride and excitement! I have seriously planned out the next 6 months of meetups. Little overzealous but it’s okay! We had our first meetup a couple of weeks ago in January and it was wonderful! Everyone that attended vibed so much off of each other that I know we are going to do great things! I attended the conference because I was already craving more. Already wanted to soak up as much information as possible and I am so glad that I did. I met so many wonderful people and made so many friendships along the way. I got to hug & become friends with Natalie Frankie, our lead visionary and head of Rising Tide Society. I got to listen to Jenna Kutcher share her darkest moments and be vulnerable infront of an audience of 150+ people along with people live streaming in. I got to learn and grow as a business owner and as a creative individual. I felt something internally that Im not quite sure how to describe but I do know that it changed me.

Photo by: Laura & Rachel

I am so excited for what’s to come. I am so excited for the next steps that I am going to take here in the next few months. I can’t quite share all of the details just yet but just know this will not be the last time you hear about Rising Tide Society and about my involvement. I may be a brand new leader but I am so excited for the journey ahead.

If you are in the South Houston area, anything below the beltway- contact me and let’s chat about you joining us for our meetups. We meet once a month on a Tuesday and talk about various topics that we feel are necessary for our community that month. Creative entrepreneurs share the vision- BEING BOLD & BEING ACCEPTADE. We want you to be in an environment where you feel that. We want you to come out of your shell and be the creative that you can be. I am so very honored to be the Tuesdays Together, League City Chapter Leader. (that’s a long title for my business card) I cannot wait to share more with you.