What a weekend

This past weekend was a whirlwind. So many activities and so much to do and see, just another weekend in our books. This was one was full of fights, BBQ, festival fun, rodeo & Zach Brown Band. My brother is a professional MMA fighter and had his first fight in over 2 years! He definitely made a comeback and won my tapout due to an armbar, it was an amazing win and we are all so proud of him.

Qais was cheering on his uncle, like he wanted to get in the cage too!

After the fights Friday night, went home and geared up for some BBQ on Saturday. My very skilled on the grill husband setup a pit at our fights on Saturday and sold completely out of his delicious BBQ! Just remember #spicerackshack coming soon. Im not a huge BBQ person but I will eat his any day!

So very proud of my nephew for training so hard and doing so well at his fight on Saturday.

Every year at this time, we have a huge festival in Houston called the Palestinian Festival. Its for two days and we all gather and eat delicious food, play music, watch live dance shows and shop! It’s one of my favorite times of the year and I love seeing everyone that I don’t get to see throughout the year.

On Sunday, Moe & I got a date night. I don’t think we know what those words mean but we definitely took full advantage of it and enjoyed us some rodeo & Zach Brown Band. This has slowly become a tradition of ours that when they close out the rodeo we’re there. This man introduced me to them via the song Free & Sweet Annie and it was love from there. Im pretty sure that’s what made me fall more in love with him when we were engaged. We’ve been going to see them for the past couple of years and he never disappoints. Im not a huge country girl but I definitely love me some Zach Brown.

Until next weekend & all of our adventures!