Hurricane Harvey

i can’t, i just can’t. my heart hurts, i get happy for two seconds and then i look at the news or at social media and it starts all over again. its just getting worse. thankfully, my family and us are perfectly alright, safe and dry. we’ve got about 15 people currently in the house all going stir crazy so we took turns going around our area to see the devastation. this is so surreal, so unreal, can we just wake up from this bad dream and it all be over already? i know our city is strong and will recover but its so sad to see where you grew up to be destroyed and basically gone. places i go visit weekly, gone. people who are so near and dear to me loosing everything and having to leave their homes with their little ones. I’m so happy that everyone is being strong but I’m feeling helpless sitting at home waiting for the roads to clear to do something.

my brother, bless his heart, went out with his kayak and helped as many people as he could. he almost got taken by the current but thankfully he made it safe and sound back home. he can’t stop wanting to go out and help as many people as possible. they are asking that people be smart and safe when they are going to help victims and make sure that you get them to a safe area with other people. if you think you’re going to get hit, start clearing your most valuable and important items. leave everything else on higher ground, put it in bags in your attics but do not try and take it with you. material items can be replaced but your life cannot.

please stay safe, help your neighbors and stay strong. we will get through this. we felt the southern hospitality this morning when we went to the grocery store. even though the lines were wrapped around the entire store, everyone was so calm, so orderly and so helpful. there wasnt a sour soul insight and we are thankful that people are still being human around here.

just to give people perspective, we are in southern part of the city, just past NASA and before Dickinson. our area is okay to somewhat maneuver around but only if you have a big car. please be smart if you want to explore, either don’t do it and wait or be with people in a very, very high of of the ground car but even then 18 wheelers are under water. everything north of us is completely submerged.

i do not know what will happen of the city but i will try and keep everyone updated as much as i possibly can. I’m only sharing the information that i find. please be safe, stick to your curfews and keep the emergency numbers handy and keep your phones charged if possible. i can only urge what i am hearing from everyone else.

we have the national guard, cajun navy, red cross and so many relief efforts in town but thats not enough. we have tons of people opening up their businesses for shelters but thats not enough. we are going to need so much more. we are going to need supplies for people in need, they are going to need anything and everything you can think of. people of all ages, children, infants, elderly-everyone is going to need our help- so whether you want to pull from your own closet or you want buy and donate, donate money anything is going to help. just like NOLA had Katrina, we have Harvey and its nasty.

ill be posting relief hotlines below. shelters are everywhere, george r brown, gallery furniture, churches, masjids, hometown heroes, and so many other places. if you need shelter don’t be afraid to ask.

here are some photos from our area just a couple of hours ago, its much worse now.

Relief efforts:

Red Cross Houston 713.526.8300/Beaumont: 409.832.1644

Evacuation Routes: 800.452.9292

Elderly & Disabled: Call 211

City of Houston Help Line: 311

Centerpoint Energy: 713659.2111, 1.800.752.8036 (24 hour reporting)

City of Houston Office of Emergency Management: 713.884.4500

Harris County Flood Control District: 713.684.4000

Houston TranStar: 713.881.3000

FEMA; 1.800.621.3362

Texas Attorney General: 1.800.621.0508

Disaster Relief Donations:

Diapers are not provided by disaster relief agencies.

Salvation Army Hurricane Relief: 1.800.SAL.ARMY

Red Cross:

Text the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation

United Way for text donations,

Text UWFLOOD 41444

i will try and keep everyone updated as much as i possible. stay safe.