Qais turns 1

First of all, I can’t believe this time last year I was headed to the doctors office to do one of my last checkups before our little man made it into this world. Some days Im still in shock that I have another human to look after and tend to. The year has flown by and I can’t believe how big our little man has gotten. A lot happens in a year, us as adults tend to grow a lot and learn a lot about ourselves but our children, those moments pass quicker than we realize and poof there went another year.

Babies are tough. There’s no doubt about that. They know how to push buttons on a bad day, know how to tug on your heart strings but they also know how to keep you warm & fuzzy as well as smoother you with all the love in the world. We have definitely had our ups and downs- pretty much every day between 4-7 months was a battle. I honestly couldn’t tell you why but I remember those being my least favorite months, too many changes and not enough consistency. All of the other months, spectacular! Loved every minute of it. But I wouldn’t change a single day that went by as we watched our little one grow.

This year has been nothing short of amazing and truly the best year of our lives. We have an overachiever and the busiest little boy there is. He is into every little thing and I anticipate him working with his hands because this kid loves to take apart and rebuild everything that he finds. He has the kindest heart and the biggest personality and if you’ve ever met him personally he will just want to make you laugh with his silliness. I pray he remains this way his entire life and only grows to love the people that cross his path even more. I say he got the best of Moe & I and I pray that it stays that way.

Happy birthday bug! Mama & Baba love to you to pieces! We can’t believe how big of a boy you are and how much more we have to share with you. We want this day to be the best day ever!

Pumpkin Patch

This is my favorite time of year, the colors, the weather, the pumpkins! I seriously count down the days until the fall comes-if I could live in a place that was fall all year around I would. Any one know of a place that exists??

Here are some photos from a few days ago at the pumpkin patch.

xo, layla

Super Mom?

The term “Supermom” has been thrown at me several times over the past couple of months. I don’t know what people’s meaning is behind it and Im sure everyone has their own interpretation of the term “supermom” but what is a “supermom”. Who is a “supermom”?

I feel that all moms are incredible, powerful & tend to take off more than they can chew all at once. No one’s life is perfect, no one’s life is the same. Everyone’s life is different & we do all that we can just to get through the day.

I’ve said it before and I’ll said it again, social media has a way of making our life seem perfect and beautiful but my life is far from it. We’ve had a hard year, we are constantly adjusting to life with a baby & we hardly sleep! For example, right now my kid and I have been fighting all day because he doesn’t want to nap and I have work to do but I throw my hands up in the air, let him play and hope he’ll sleep through the night tonight but really tell myself that Im dreaming.

“But you’re self-employed and you get to stay home with your little one all day.” Yep, very true. Being self-employed is no where near glamorous. You have to hustle to get anywhere in life, you work when everyone is sleeping, you pull your hair out when you can’t work one day because your kid is constantly pulling at your leg. One day you think oh this is great Im going to make it somewhere today, 5 minutes later- what am I thinking this is hard! This is my life. I send my boys to bed & stay up to the wee hours of the night just getting things done.

Gender Roles mean that mom has to do all of the housework on top of whatever she’s got going on. WRONG! We don’t believe in gender roles in our house. We help each other get the things done that need to be done. The other day I was working and Moe went and get the laundry and started folding and moving it along. I told him he didn’t have to do it, he said no-I can do it just as much as you can. We pick up the slack of the other one and we are teaching our little one to do the same.

Take things one day at a time, look to the future but also realize the “supermom” you’re looking up to is just trying to make it through the day. We may appear to have everything together but trust me we struggle just as much as the next person.

xo, layla

9 months

Everyone tells you what to expect while you’re pregnant, during birth and the first couple of months your new life as a mom but that’s it. No one tells you what to expect at doctors appointments, when your child throws up without reason, why your kid doesn’t want to sleep in his own bed and so on. Well Im here to share our experience with you on what happens at 9 month doctors appointments.

We all freak out the first time our kid get a shot and do everything the doctor tells us. Our kids get poked every few months the first couple of years of their life, which Im not complaining but sometimes it hurts us more than it hurts them.

Today, we went to our 9 month doctors appointment- everyone kept saying oh no another round of shots. I ensured everyone that no we were just getting blood work and they were just going to stick his foot. (This is completely normal at this stage, they are just doing routine checks.) Boy was I wrong. I thought it would be the same as the first couple of times kids get stuck with needles. We had our normal doctors appointment and then they sent us upstairs where they do all of the blood work for all of the patients. Personally, anytime I get my blood drawn I pass out and they have to lay me down. Im one of those people.

We walk into the area where they send all of the patients. Qais, being the wiggle worm that he is, was done and ready to play. We tried to keep him entertained and comfortable until we were done. I started to get nervous and my husband being one-handed at the moment (story for another time, someone needs to learn how to use power tools), wasn’t able to help hold him. We sat down in THE CHAIR and waited for them to get situated. They decided to take their sweet time have unnecessary conversations. I started to tell Moe that they needed to hurry up because I was freaking out.

I told them that my kid was strong and he was going to fight, they said no it’s okay we got this just hold him. I put the arm rest in front of us, I was sitting in the chair holding Qais in my arms. Moe came and stood on my right side and TWO nurses came over to take the blood. They quickly found out how strong he was. He pulled his arm away so fast when they wrapped the band around his arm to find the vein. Once they found his vein, arm straight and needle in. I held onto my baby as tight as I could as he screamed and cried. Tears rolled down both of our faces and Moe just held both of us. Thankfully they filled up the bottles quickly and bandaged him up. Gave him a bottle and he fell asleep in the car on the way home.

It was the worst 5 minutes of my life. Knowing the pain that he felt when that needle went in and knowing that there was nothing you could do until it was over. You can opt to wait to do this until your little is 12 months which I almost did once we were in the chair, but I just said no let’s just get it out of the way. Thankfully, we have one tough kid and he is up and playing all over the house like nothing.

9 month pictures of our little one coming soon!

Best of luck to all the mamas that have this appointment coming up.


a day in our life

I know its been a while since I have shared our life with you all but let’s just say life has been crazy busy! We have been all over the place lately and it just never seems to end. There are days when we’ve got it all together and there are days where nothing seems to go right. But we’re here learning, exploring & growing every day. There is so much we want to share and hopefully will soon! I promise to get on top of my blogging and share what this blog is supposed to be about.

This post is a little different, I am sharing what happens in our home on a day to day basis. I grabbed my camera and follow Qais around all day, much less he followed me around all day. He is in the clingy stage where nap time is truly the only time anything gets done around here, unless he’s super immersed in his toys-other than that he’s crawling around following me all over the house. Which I love because he’s exploring and not afraid to find things on his own, his new favorite place is the laundry room. Don’t know if it’s because it’s right next to my office or if he just likes watching the dryer turn. We haven’t quite figured it out yet.

When we get up in the mornings we are greater with lots of spit bubbles & sounds and slaps on the face-saying to get up. Its cute the first couple of times, we’ll see how much longer it’ll last before someone will be transferred to his crib in the mornings!

Our day is pretty generic, wake up, brush our teeth, make a mess while eating breakfast…

I didn’t make a mess mom!!! (every day people, every day. Im surprised his clothes aren’t all orange)

Morning baths are our favorite. (little story, this morning Moe told Qais it was time to take a bath and walked off calling for him. I was washing dishes and watched him crawl off towards Moe. We both thought he was following him. The house was quiet and I thought, mmh that’s odd I can usually hear them. Called for Qais-looked in the living room, nope wasn’t there. Asked Moe if he had him, nope. Kinda freaked out a bit. Walked towards the guest bathroom and Qais’s room, peeked into the bathroom thinking maybe…yep, Qais was at the tub standing waiting for someone to turn the water on for bath time. Let’s just say he knew where to go-we just didn’t follow to the right room.)

Then there’s helping mommy with our daily chores & house cleaning.

Always at my feet, always.

nap time is my favorite-especially when its 2 hours long.

Post nap FaceTime calls with baba, Sitilita (grandma) & who ever else answers their phone.

Playtime, lots & lots of playtime

Off to lunch!

Mom, can we feed Gigi too??

And then our day gets busy, we run errands, play some more around the house. Take another nap, keep ourselves busy until evening bath time followed by bedtime. Phew! 7 month olds are tough!

sweet, bedtime.

thanks for following along on our journey! be sure to subscribe to our posting! promise so many exciting things in store for the fall!! xo, layla