BYE 2017, HELLO 2018

I know we’re about 16 days into 2018 but Im actually just now able to sit down with my thoughts & let you all know what’s happening in our life. First of all, I am so happy that 2017 is over & done with. It was a hard year to say the least. So much happened, so many emotions and just all around was ready for it to end. Once midnight hit, I was ready for the new year to begin.

Im not saying 2017 was bad, it was challenging. I did however get to see & meet some family that I haven’t seen in over 25 years and it was one of the greatest parts of the year. I cannot wait to hop on a plane & see them again this year! A lot of life lessons were learned this past year and I know Moe & I will forever be thankful for them. I turned 29 & have been freaking out that in a few short months, Ill be turning 30! Guys, I don’t think Im ready!! We traveled to places that Ive only dreamed about & will be sharing more on that soon.

Im not one to do resolutions or anything like that but I definitely do make goals. I set same personal goals and then large goals and try and meet every single one of them. This year is no exception. Moe & I have so much in store & planned that we are excited for what this year is going to bring.

I plan on sharing more about our adventures & what happens in our life. I know I started this blog to be real with you guys and to share personal experiences and I promise to bring it to life and do just that.

Now onto some exciting news. If you follow me on instagram (@lululezu), you’ve probably seen my cryptic messages every now & then about a new company that Moe & I started. If you’ve been following me for a while you probably also know how much I love to design & flip houses, it has always been a passion of mine. Last year I flipped the house that I grew up in and craved more. After the horrific Hurricane Harvey rolled through town, Moe & I were presented with an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up.

So many people lost everything that they owned. Moe lost his job & we are HUGE believers in everything happens for a reason & opportunities don’t fall into your laps every day. With the support of everyone around us, we dove right into what we love most, helping people. Moe & I started a remodeling/construction company. This has always been something that we’ve always done & something that we are very passionate about doing. We hit the ground running after Hurricane Harvey & haven’t looked back. We’ve enjoyed every bit of helping our clients rebuild their homes and have met so many amazing people along the way!

We’re so excited about this endeavor and hope to continue it in the years to come. If you want to see more about what we do & have done follow us at @reinstarremodels. We’ll be sharing more projects soon! But for now Ill leave you with this sneak peek & will have our website up soon! Be sure to follow along so that you can stay tuned into our projects & everything that we have coming up.

Here’s to 2018 & all that is on the horizon. We hope you’ll continue to follow our journey & the places we’ll be going this year.




Fun facts about us:

  • First generation children of our parents.

  • Photographer/Blogger & Oil & Gas Salesman

  • Newlyweds

  • Family is our number 1!

  • Mohammad’s family is from a village in the West Bank of Palestine

  • My family is from a city in Southern Palestine & Mexico (Im the hybrid)

  • Adventurers

  • 80s & 90s music buffs!!!

  • Go-getters!

  • Coffee addicts!!!

  • Chicago Fire & PD nerds!

  • && the dorkiest people you’ll ever meet!

Mohammad & I have been friends for 5 years, we met the day my cousin got engaged to his best friend. If you ask him he’ll tell you the story differently (like most men), but we became friends thru my cousin and her husband. We would always see each other at functions and community events. We never really went out, except for one time where he was 45 minutes late. I patiently waited-curiousity got the best of me that day. We remained friends for those 5 years and honestly nothing more. in 2013, Mohammad went overseas to visit his family, of course being the wonderful friend that I am took him to dinner for his birthday. We talked all night and had a great time, then he left. I felt a whole in my heart knowing that he wasn’t around to talk to or that I really couldn’t pick up the phone and call- I’d have to wait for him to call. Well being 8 hours ahead, he’d always catch me at my busiest time during work and I wouldn’t be able to talk. I finally threw in the white towel and told him, we’ll just talk when you get back. Unfortunately, when he came home-like always my life ended up being extremely busy and I just could never make the time to go anywhere. Work and building a business got in the way.

Towards the end of 2013 his brother got married and Mohammad called me, with what is now a made-up story, saying that they were in need of a photographer for one of the pre-parties. I didn’t think much about it and told him that I was available the day of the party. Skip ahead to the end of the party, Mohammad’s grandma was wishing the bride and groom well wishes. I was standing next to her and she used me for support, had her hand on my shoulder and everything. She then turns to Mohammad and tells him- && hopefully you’re next!! Needless to say everyone in the room started to whistle and throw the same thing his way. I turned beat red. He turned beat red. His sister, who knew how he felt about me started laughing. It was definitely the moment that we say grandma put her little “touch” on our relationship.

January of 2014, was the month that changed everything. After Mohammad’s brother’s wedding, we became even closer- a lot of stuff in our lives caused us to be drawn more towards each other. We were each other’s best friends and we would talk for hours upon end about anything and everything in life. It was just the way we were with each other and still are, unless he falls asleep while we’re talking. (Happens every night). I finally confessed my feelings to him and he told me it was the happiest, most bittersweet day of his life. He returned the feelings and there we were, best friends who fell in love unexpectedly. We went out on 3, yep 3, dates before Mohammad came to my father and asked for my hand in marriage. We were then engaged and here we are now a year later-married.

Time has flown but i wouldn’t change a single moment from last year. It was probably the busiest year I’ll ever have in my life but it was the greatest.

We are so blessed with what surrounds us, who our families are and how we have come to be. We have our stumbling blocks just like every couple but it’s what makes us, who we are.

#moebuni- Moe (Mohammad) Buni (LuLu Buni- pronounced bunny)

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